This Maundy Thursday, take a moment to be still and know that God is God; that where you are is holy ground; and that the Holy Spirit lives within you. Pray with gratitude for the nearness, the intimacy, of God. Breathe a sigh of relief that we are welcomed into the presence of God again and again, no matter how far away we have been.

Try to picture the Last Supper: you might bring to mind Leonardo da Vinci’s famous painting, or maybe you’ll use your imagination to picture Jesus and his disciples together for the Passover feast. Imagine the smell of food and wine; the hubbub of conversation and laughter, the closeness of contact. But think also of the bittersweet feelings that Jesus may well have experienced: soon there would be betrayal, denial, desertion, and doubt. Maybe this year in particular we also have mixed feelings: unable to see wider family and friends; locked-down so that we cannot worship together; the future uncertain.

You might want to eat a bit of bread and drink a drink of your choice, to remember Jesus and the Last Supper, and to experience thankfulness that despite the horror of Holy Week, Jesus forgave and welcomes us to join with him.

I would invite you to light a candle and engage in the Candle Meditation below:-

Almighty God,
Peace on this planet is a long way off; ​ this candle is near.​ We pray for peace and light this candle,​ linking both together, ​ so that those who are distant from each other ​ may reconcile and rediscover:​ your restfulness relaxing tensions​ your oneness overcoming fear;​ your wisdom subduing storms;​ your silence filling all who hear ​ with the melodious everlasting music​ of your love.​ ​ May your loving peace, like this flame,​ Burn close beside us ​ forever.​


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