“Life is full of fractures, it’s what we make of them that matters;

beauty is born in brokenness”

These are strange, fractured times. And yet, these times are exciting: from the rubble of broken certainties can be built better possibilities. There are many cracks opening in culture, communities, between citizens, within countries. But this is how the light gets in.

This site is envisaged as a place of beauty: an ongoing and expanding collection of images, visual poetry, and whatever else I can think of. There is also life in my YouTube page, with moving images for reflection. You can access it here.

When viewing my images and videos, I suggest you ask not ‘what is it’; ask instead what is in it that interests the eye–what do you see and how do you feel?

I hope and pray that you find this site helpful.

All content Copyright 2021: Marcus Paul Hargis