“Life is full of fractures, it’s what we make of them that matters;

beauty is born in brokenness”

These are strange, fractured times. COVID-19 has led to a massive social experiment: everyday life disrupted, widespread self-quarantining, and enforced isolation of the over-70s and vulnerable “for their own protection…”

I’m playing my part (ever tried washing hands for as long as it takes to pray the Lord’s Prayer?) and I hope that this time of trial will be successful. I also pray that this will be a learning experience for humanity, that life will never be the same in positive ways, and I wonder what we’ll make of what’s happening now when we have the benefit of hindsight.

In repurposing this website I am seeking to make something in these current circumstances. This site is envisaged as a place of beauty: an ongoing and expanding collection of images, visual poetry, and whatever else I can think of. ‘Hymagery’ is a updated gallery of imagery titled from excerpts from hymns.

I am also breathing life into my YouTube page, with moving images for reflection. You can access it here.

When viewing my images and videos, I suggest you ask not ‘what is it’; ask instead what is in it that interests the eye–what do you see and how do you feel?

I hope and pray that you find this site helpful.

All content Copyright 2020: Marcus Paul Hargis